Building Columns - Pillars made from Glass Reinforced Concrete

Wynro Precast Products

Building Columns                                                                                             

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Copings and Piercaps

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Base - Footer Can also be used as Header

Building Column only (Shaft)

Ring - Header

Base Column.............Concrete Header

Left - Base to Ring

Right - Base to Base

Column with Header and Footer

Installed Building Columns at swimming pool.

2 Columns Building-column-in-3-pieces Build in Columns at swimming bath

3 Building Columns

Building Column fits into Base

Building Columns installed at garage

3 Columns Column in footer Columns at garage

Columns at Phillip Nel Park

Bases at Factory

We have plenty Building Columns in stock.

House-in-Lenasia Bases at Factory Stock at factory

Columns in Siyabuswa

Columns at Buildmore

Building Columns can also be cut into shorter sizes

House-in-Philip-Nel-Park Columns at hardware We also cut columns
Email us Base and Cap sizes We also do Concrete Window Frames

Why can I not get Asbestos Columns in South Africa

Were can I get Wynro Precast Building Columns Specials from Factory ( Not available from Suppliers)